Monday, January 20, 2014

Becoming Better Readers!

Hi all!

This week has been fantastic! We have been learning all about Martin Luther King Jr. and his wonderful words. The kids loved the book Martin's Big Words. This book has been read over and over again. The kids love the illustrations. In honor of Martin Luther King, we have been learning how to be good friends and how to show each other love. The kids have such a good grasp of being loving, it's wonderful 

I have a dream to show love by caring for my baby sister. 

In addition to our fantastic writing, the kids have begun Read to Self. Here, the kids know what is expected of them-they read to themselves! Please remind your child that he/she can read by reading the pictures, reading words and retelling a story. 

What do the students do during R2S? What does Miss Leonard do? 

In learning how to become better readers, the kids helped me learn what they like to read. The students have all sorts of ideas: sports, animals, farms, princesses and popular shows to name a few. It's important for the students to know that they are in charge of what they get to read. While they should have books at their level, it's also incredibly important to let them choose books that are interesting to them. 

The students choosing and reading books. The kids know to look at the cover, look at the words and to look at the pictures when choosing books to read. Once reading, please remind the kids to read the pictures, read the words and to retell the story. 

To help us retell stories, we have been reading The Mitten. We read 3 versions of The Mitten, each a little different. Afterwards, the kids colored and cut pictures from the story. After this, the kids were able to retell. 

Hannah retells the story putting each animal into the mitten. 

Hannah practices putting the animals in order. 

Retelling the story

Here, Eddie draws the scenery in the story. After this, he writes the animals in order. 

Sounding out badger

The kids are becoming such fantastic readers. Please help them read at home and continue to search for sight words! Stay tuned for more from our Reader's and Writer's Workshops! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Hi Friends!

We have been super busy the last two weeks of school. The kids had an extended break but came back ready and eager to learn more! We have been working very hard on becoming writers. The kids enjoy writing about their families, their fun snow day adventures and all the fun things we do in KDG!

"I eat dinner. I eat Chicken"
"My baby sister likes playing with me and I carry her and I feed her."

The last two weeks we have been working hard on centers!
We have been doing our poetry center (learning our sight words) independently! This is such a big step for my KDG friends! They have more time to write sentences with the newly learned words. 

We have been utilizing our personal word wall words and love write the room! 


More practice with sight words! Stamping our words and writing one-two sentences when we're done. 


We have also been working hard playing addition bingo! The students are building their math fluency! 

Check back next week for updates on our amazing KDG reading!