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Hi Friends!                                                                          

I made this to help our Kinders practice teen numbers. The directions are included. In this game, the kids will practice showing how teen numbers are 10 + "some more." In example, the number 15 is one set of "10" and "5" more! Please help your child cut out the numbers and the pictures!

Hi Friends,

I made this fun numbers book to use with my Kinders. They love to count out the numbers, put them on the mug and decompose the numbers into two smaller parts. I have also made this into an addition book. To use, I purchase "Cookie Crisp" cereal. I portion out between 5 and 10 depending on the activity. The students "make" the number on the mug, then write the corresponding number on the line. At the end, they EAT!!!


Hi Friends!

I made these alphabet cards for us to use. These cards have accompanying pictures to help us identify sounds. Please see the page on the blog titled "Letters of the Alphabet" to see the order in which we will learn our alphabet! We follow the Superkids curriculum and will learn our letters in this order. Feel free to help your child with other letters once they have mastered the letters we are currently studying. In addition, please help your child identify additional words/pictures that begin with any of our letters!

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