Monday, December 23, 2013

Meet Sprinkles, our friendly Elf visitor!

Hi Friends!

We have a special visitor in KDG! Meet Sprinkles the Elf! She is visiting us from the North Pole. She's teamed up with Pixie in Miss Smoot's Prek and Lilly in first grade! The three of them have been getting into all sorts of trouble! The kids love seeing what Sprinkles does every day. Her actions have become the topic of all of our conversations! 

Kindergarten sees the elf party...

First grade sees the elf party...

Prek comes to join too! 

Eating our candy! 

Just one of the many stories about Sprinkles:
"Sprinkles has a best friend and it is Pixie."

Naughty or Nice? Luckily, all of our kinder friends are nice! 

We have been learning about St. Nicholas. We even made his Mider! How lucky were we?
We put our shoes in the hall and St. Nicholas stopped by to bring us candy! 

Making our Christmas tree decorations! 

As always, we are super excited to visit our Prek friends in Miss Smoot's class! This week we have made our very own reindeer! This is perfect for us since Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is one of our songs for the Christmas Show! 

Our Christmas show this year was beyond adorable! The kids sung so well and remembered all of their movements! 

So began another exciting week! After our Christmas show, the kids were ready for one more fun filled week before break! What kind of trouble did Sprinkles get into this time? 
Gearing up for our studies on Gingerbread Boys & Girls, Sprinkles decided to help herself to our cookies! 

She tricked us into thinking she ate all of the cookies. The kids came back from Santa's Secret Shop only to find the cookie packages empty and littering the hallway. Once they came into the room, they saw their little gingerbread creatures on the floor…and the cookies inside their houses. 

The kiddos had such a fulfilled week. We also celebrated the holiday early by watching The Polar Express with Prek 1 & 2 and First grade! We enjoyed hot chocolate, cookies and marshmallows. Mr. Landry was even our conductor! 

Happy Holidays!  

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