Friday, November 8, 2013

Happy writers!

Hi Friends!

What an exciting time it has been in KDG! The students have become such fantastic writers. I am impressed with them daily!

We have been focusing on using our word wall, writing folder and alphabet chart to help us sound out words. Further, the students have been brainstorming what we can write about. Everyday, we discuss matters important to kindergarteners…themselves! In doing this, we value their opinions but we also are encouraging them to participate in the world around them. With the excitement of halloween, it has taken the kiddos an extra week or so to write all of their stories about their exciting experiences! We have been working on personal narratives as well as creative fiction.

The haunted house was haunted. There are zombies in the house. 

Me and my family go trick or treating. 

As writers, we use our word wall, Kindergarten Friends list and are learning to add more detail. 

We also work on making lists. Encourage your child to help you make lists at home. During the day, I incorporate the students' ideas into my own lists. For example, we make lists about our daily schedule. We also make lists of centers, books to read, activities for the day, etc. 

One of the most exciting events was our family math night! I had two kindergarten families participate in our math games. The students practiced counting up to 50 from 1. 

Also, our students practiced using pattern blocks to make shapes. The challenge was to use as few blocks as possible to make the shape! 

Spinning numbers 11-20! Here the students took turns spinning numbers. Each number had a fun task to incorporate! We took turns jumping, running in place, clapping and stomping (to name a few!). 

Stay tuned to see what adventures are yet to come!

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