Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween is upon us!

Hi Friends!

We have been working hard becoming the best readers and writers we can be! We have finished learning about the letter Dd and look forward to meeting our next Superkid friend, Sal, next week. During our morning Superkids routine, the kids love writing sentences and finding the "hidden" sight words in our sentences. The kids have become such fantastic writers;  we have been brainstorming what to write about. We have even begun using our month word wall to help us write fun stories! This month, we've been all abuzz over halloween. Using our October word wall (focusing on halloween words), the kids have been able to read and write new words.

The past two weeks, we have been learning all about pumpkins! We've been reviewing the life cycle of a pumpkin, made our own kindergarten story "I see the Pumpkin"and have added a "Pumpkin" poem to our poetry journal! While all this has been happening, we make sure to find letters that we have already learned (Aa, Cc, Dd, Gg, Oo) and words that we know (I, a, see, the, like).

The kids love using our pointers to act like the teacher! I have the kids take turns pointing to the words in the poem. This helps them identify and track words as we read. It also helps them pay attention to the  order in which we read!

Please help your child point to each word as they read their stories! Have them point out the different sight words: I, see, the. The kids learned the scientific words that go with the life cycle of a pumpkin: seed, sprout, vine, flower, green punpkin and orange pumpkin.

Working on our classroom Jack-o-lanterns! 

As a finale to our pumpkin unit, we made pumpkins for our Prek/Kinder pumpkin patch with Miss Smoot's Prek! We love working with our prek friends. Together, we learn how to be leaders, take responsibility and how to be a good role model.

As writers, we love writing about our lives. Please encourage your children to talk about and write about what happens in their lives! Eddie writes a story about animals he saw at the zoo. 

"I went to the zoo. I saw a gorilla."

Jacob shows off his writing: Lions are big. 

We have been making big strides in our Kindergarten Everyday Math! The kids here are sorting coins (the front/back of pennies and nickels). They take turns rolling the dice and finding the matching coin. 

Here, Angel and Jaylyn show how to use their fingers to make 11. 

Using our bundles of 10 and colored popsicle sticks to show different teen numbers.

Write the room! The kids love to write the room. This month, we focused on halloween words. The kids had to find the word that matched the picture. 

Halloween wind socks! 

Candy corn! 

Welcome to Kindergarten! Our "scary" door and our cobwebs! The kiddos laughed so hard when I put up this door! 

Working with our Prek friends on our Frankensteins! In kindergarten, we've learned how to crinkle fold our construction paper. The kids know how to fold using the "forward/backward" method. Here, we help our prek friends with the difficult folding style. Some of our Prek friends picked it up right away! 

Hoppy Sunday! Stay tuned for more Halloween fun! 

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