Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fantastic Farms!

Hi Friends! 

We have had such an exciting few weeks! We have plunged into our next topic: Farms! 

For this unit, the children will guide their learning. We have started by previewing books on farms-both fiction and non fiction. From here, the students had time to self-select any farm book. After this, we took turns brainstorming farm topics and what we would like to learn. 

Perusing our reading choices...

Choosing an interesting book...

In centers, we started to explore Farm manipulatives!

Our topics chart. We used this to see what our topics of interest were. This helps guide us to a specific topic of study.

With Mrs. Pritchard's help, we have discovered an interest in sheep! In our classroom and in computers, we had the kids watch videos on sheep. Once in kindergarten, we started to generate questions ("What do you want to know?") about sheep. The kids were mesmerized by sheep shearing! We started generating questions like Why do they cut the sheep's hair?, Why do they paint the sheep's fur?, Why do they clip the sheep's claws?
Once we had our questions, Mrs. Pritchard selected videos for the kids to watch. From here, we had students draw pictures and/or write sentences about sheep. We guided students to either write something they wanted to know more about OR write an answer to a question that they had.  
 Brainstorming what we saw and what we'd like to know. 

Robert and Edwin write their thoughts. 

D'Angelo and Hannah write.
We have been practicing using sight words we know to write and also counting out the words in our sentences. This helps us to put down complete thoughts that can be read by others. 

 Working on our pictures and explaining them! 

Stay tuned for more Farm fun this week! 

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