Monday, October 14, 2013

Becoming Readers!

Hi Friends!

We have had quite an exciting two weeks! We are plunging into our inquiry projects on Farms. We have become researchers! Further, we are learning about different aspects of science...and we are becoming scientists.

In the last few weeks we have done so many things!

We've been learning all about shapes: rectangles, squares, triangles and circles. The kids have been using our pattern blocks to make new patterns and designs. Using the shapes, we have gone through magazines to create class collages of the shapes we see in the everyday world. At home, please help your child identify shapes. The kids love discovering them on our walks around the school. 

Demetrius and Edwin discover that the letter Oo is a circle! 

Kaylee and Brandon discover that the capital A is a triangle! 

Miranda discovers that a clock is a circle!

Sariyah finds a triangle hidden in the letter A! 

We have become fantastic writers! We have been focusing A LOT on Writers' Workshop! 
The kiddos have been using their alphabet, sight words and friends' names to write stories. Please help your child study his/her sight words! We have learned "the" and "see." This coming week, we will learn "like."

We made a "Happy Fall" Handprint Wreath! The kids loved the finger paint! 

We love library time! The kids have been choosing their own books and find words that we have learned. Further, the kids are working on sounding out words! At home, please practice finding beginning/middle/end sounds with your kids! Words like "cat", "dog", "rat", "fan" are helpful when we talk about beginning/middle/end sounds. The kids love being word detectives and finding sounds they know! 

In order to help us learn sight words, we have been using "Heidi's Songs!" Each sight word we have learned comes with an accompanying song and poem. We started our Poetry Journals to help with sight word identification/use. Ask your kids to sing the "THE" song and the "SEE" song! 

In math, we have been learning to match quantity with numbers! The kids love playing our new game "Spin the Number." We have been working on sportsmanship after a game and saying "Good Game." 

For sure, the high-light of our week? When Mr. Landry came in to help us with a science lesson! He read Bartholomew and the Oobleck! By Dr. Seuss. 

The kids each had a turn to help in making the Oobleck! 

The kids LOVED playing with the oobleck! When it hardens, it can become a bouncy ball! 

Finally, my favorite part of Kindergarten is when the kids discover that they can read. We read our first book practicing the words "I", "see", "the." At home, please help your child read the words. Have your child point out the individual words as they read. 

Reading and writing our favorite part. 

Jacob and Edwin practice tracking words as they read. 

This week, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Mr. Reppin, a firefighter! All week, we have been learning about fire safety. We even had a fire drill to help us remember what to do in case of an emergency. We read the story No More Dragons for Tea and wrote about our favorite part. Ask your child what his/her favorite part was! 

"I like when he was sneezing"

"I like the dragon"

Using our alphabet chart to help us with letters and sounds.

"I like when the girl gave the dragon a hug."

I am loving teaching your children! We have such a fantastic group of kindergarteners this year. They are avid readers, writers and learners! Stay tuned for more fun times in Kindergarten! 

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