Friday, September 13, 2013

What a week!

Hi Friends!

This week has been very exciting. We have been learning and practicing so many new skills. We are fully immersed in our alphabet (Superkids) instruction. We have completed Cc (Cass) and are finishing up on Oo (Oswald). Please help your children identify words and pictures that begin with Cc and Oo. Next week, we will meet our new Superkids friend, Golly. Our alphabet flashcards went home this week. To help your child become more proficient in sounds, please help them identify the letters we have already learned. In addition, please help them identify words that begin with each letter. 

We have been practicing patterning-both following a pattern and creating our own using colorful cubes. 

We have been practicing sorting coins by attributes! 

Practicing counting the amount of different groups of coins. 

We found the Half Dollar! 

                We check the front and back of the coins.

We have been reviewing our Community Helpers! Our quilt is all finished! 

We have made fantastic progress in our Writers' Workshop! I am so unbelievably proud of how hard my kiddos work! We are practicing writing the words and/or sentences to go with our pictures. Our lessons this week have focused mainly on sounding out words to put down the sounds we hear.
 In addition, we will continue working on telling one continuous story. Finally, we have been working on how to combine pages into a book. 
Please encourage your child to label or write words (sentences if they want!) for their pictures at home. Your kids have such fantastic ideas and great stories to share! 
D'Angelo adds 3 sentences to his story. He goes back to add more details. We continued writing on page 2 and stapled his first book! 

Edwin adds details. He starts a new story and a sentence using his alphabet chart for "sounding out" help. 

Hannah and Marely add more sentences to their story. We started the story earlier in the week and have been practicing coming back to add sentences & details. 

In Kindergarten, we are constantly learning how to work with other children our age. We also learn from older students as well as younger friends. This week, we started to buddy read with 3rd grade. 

Brandon & Thaedeus

Edwin and Oscar

Zeus and Demetrius

Kayla and Jaylyn

 We love helping our PreK friends too! This is our 2nd week working with Miss Smoot & her Prek class! The kids are already learning how to work so well together. My kiddos are proving to be excellent helpers and role models!
This week we finger painted leaves and used water colors to decorate our tree. In KDG, we have been learning about the four seasons and the effect of the seasons on trees. Next week, we will learn about apples and how they grow. We are looking forward to our project with Prek next week! 
Justin and Gabriel

Israel and Marely

Josh and Jaylon

Danny watches intently!

Miranda and Edwin

Finally, we had a visit from the Windy City Players theater company. We sat so well as we watched their rendition of Cinderella! 3 of my KDG'ers were chosen to have a special guest role!
Hannah, Jaylyn, Josh

What a fantastic week! I cannot wait to see what next week brings! 

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