Saturday, September 7, 2013

Exciting times-our first two weeks!

Hi Friends!

Our first full two weeks of school have been so exciting! We've been getting to know new friends and catching up with old friends too! So far, we've begun learning about the alphabet. We've just finished up the letter Cc and have started Oo. We have been learning about our numbers up to 10 and eagerly await our first visit from Zero the Hero. We recently discovered WRITING! We have been busy learning about writers' workshop. We are learning how to be good presenters and how to be a good listening audience.

At home, please review Cc with your child. Feel free to go over the Superkids book about Cass. 
Our Coconut the Cat Cc puppets! 

Our first KDG class picture! Us wearing our Cass Chef's Caps!! 
We were so excited to start our shared writing on cooking...and play with our fun kitchen foods. What do you like to cook? 

Also, please ask your children about becoming a writer! The kiddos have such wonderful stories. Encourage them to draw them (or write a few words!) on paper. The kiddos have started to label their writing and are eager to share. We have been working hard on our newly acquired skills! 

These last few weeks we've been focusing on numbers 0-5. We have practiced showing the numbers using popsicle sticks, unifix cubes, links and even creating our own classroom books. As your kids to show you how to represent the different amounts!

All about 2!!

                         "I made the number two!"

 Side by side or stack them up! 
"I made the number 2 Miss Leonard!"

Onto bigger and better things...3! How can you show 3?

                                                            "I made an A!"

                                "I made a triangle!"

I'm showing 5 tallies.

I'm making a fence! 

This week we have also been learning about community helpers. We were so excited to share what we want to be when we grow up! 


Stay tuned! More to come as we grow as readers & writers! 

Hoppy Weekend! 

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