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Hoppy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss Part 1! 

Feb 25-Mar 1

Hi Friends!

We celebrated Dr. Seuss and his wonderful books for two weeks! We've been talking about the meaning in books we have read. Further, we have been discussing "main ideas" in our books. We had two weeks worth of read alouds, art projects, writing and food!! 

To recap: 
We made Thing 1 and Thing 2 with our painted hands! Most of my students had never had their hands painted before! It was such a funny experience. You can see which of my KDG'ers loved it...and which didn't. 

After we did our super fun Thing 1 and Thing 2 projects, 5th grade came to help with with our writing!
I can play ball. I can play Dora.

Thanks to Miss Donna (my mom), the kiddos had these adorable Cat in the Hat hats! Most of the kids loved them...but they really loved mine more! Although March 2nd was his birthday, we still celebrated!

Can you find the teacher?
Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss! 

One of my sweet KDG'ers! Ximena and me. 

We made our own Cats-in-the-Hat! I let the kiddos decide how to decorate the hat. Some wanted stripes, some diamonds, some drew on patterns with their crayons! My favorite part about doing these art projects-I traced (everything by hand) but on to folded sheets of paper. We've been talking about how to make our cutting even, further, we've begun to understand the concept of "half." 

I would tell my mom I played with my butterfly dolls. 
Who's hiding behind the Cat?

The next day, we decorated our door for my favorite book, "Horton Hears a Who." I created Horton while the students created their own "specks."

I LOVE this book! It has such a wonderful message to treat others with respect regardless of their size! My little KDG'ers love knowing they're just as important as the "bigger kids" in our school! 
The next day, we each made our own Horton!!

My Horton :) 
 Victor approves of the project.

I am a good friend when I play with my brother. We play tag.
I am a good friend when I play with my brother my DS.

I am a good friend when I read/share my books.

I play with my baby sister.
We had such a great week celebrating. We focused on the read alouds for The Cat in the Hat, The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Dr. Seuss's ABCs, Hop on Pop and Fox in Sox.  The

Dr. Seuss Part Deux! 

Mar 4-7

This has been SUCH a crazy week! We had school on Monday, a snow day Tuesday, school Wednesday, half day on Thursday and no school today. Phew! It's amazing to think how much we crammed in! 

We've been focusing on learning our letters this week focusing on B, N, and R. In addition, we've been practicing putting sentences into the correct order. We have been practicing subtraction skills from 5 and 10. Aside from the work we've been doing, we were able to fit in a full (half) day of fun on Thursday! My kiddos and I worked with Miss Kilian and 1st grade to have a full on Dr. Seuss party on Thursday!!! 

The night before I started making the Kiddo's Oobleck. Cornstarch, water and food coloring. I put about 1 dixie cup's worth of cornstarch into the baggies. From here, the next day, we dropped green food coloring in the kids water...then the kiddos added about .25 dixie cup of water to the powder. 

 The morning of the big party: 18 eggs ready to be scrambled!

The green mixture...

All done! 18 scrambled eggs and rolled up ham!

 Welcome to Dr. Seuss day! Miss Kilian and I are Teacher 1 and Teacher 2!!
The kids went crazy when they saw us and they loved our blue hair! 

Ready to start our morning! Read aloud of Green Eggs and Ham

KDG and First Grade love the story! 
 Atziry and Evelyn aren't too sure about the 


Moses was not a fan of the green eggs! 

Lucy loved it! 

Miss Kilian and Me with Cat in the Hat!

After our green eggs and ham, we graphed whether we liked or disliked. The results were about half and half! Our next project: Thing 1/Thing 2 "space men." Since we are learning how to be writers, we need to perfect our ability to put spaces between the words! Some friends are still having trouble remembering, so we took the afternoon to paint our Thing 1/Thing 2 space helpers!

We meticulously painted our sticks! 

We add the hair...
We decide how we will add the hair...

We had started to read Bartholomew and the preparation for our next activity, we made Oobleck! 

The first graders (Bryan) remember this from KDG last year!!! 
They were experts on Ooobleck! 

Noah mixes his Oobleck...

Brianna and Lucy squish the mixture...

Freddy gets ready to put his hands in...

Our final treat for the day...Jello with Swedish Fish!!!

Krystal loves the Jello

Moses loves the jello!

Smile girls!!! 

Vanessa was in the middle of her fish!


Nathan loves the treat...

Lizbeth gobbles it up!

End of the day? Ready for a nap!

We had such a fantastic two weeks celebrating Dr. Seuss! I cannot wait to do this again next year! On tap for next week? St. Patrick's Day...where our friend Mikey the Leprechaun makes his return!

Hoppy weekend! 

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