Friday, March 8, 2013


Hi Friends!

While in the midst of updating for Dr. Seuss's celebrations...I found out I won a very prestigious award from the Archdiocese of Chicago!!!

The award is called the "Heart of the School" and my distinction is in Early Childhood. I felt honored to have even been nominated but to have won? Wow! To have been nominated, a parent had to have sent in a nomination form through either Facebook or the Archdiocese website.

I had loved my time as a first grade teacher...but teaching KDG has always been a desire and passion of mine. I feel so special to have won.

The awards ceremony is next week; my principal Dan and our pastor, Fr. Kevin are joining me. In addition, I am bringing my Godmother, Karen who is also a teacher. This comes at such an amazing time in the year. To celebrate, I am bring my kiddos cupcakes for St. Patrick's day. Although the kids don't know yet, I will tell them next week.

Click on the link above to learn more!!!

Along my blogging journey, thank you to all of my followers for the positive comments and well wishes!!!

In other news, my Dr. Seuss celebrations pictures & activities will be posted later this weekend :)


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