Monday, February 4, 2013

Writers Workshop & Centers!

Hi Friends!

We have been working hard in Kindergarten! We've been acquiring new popcorn words everyday. In addition, as we've been reading more through Superkids, we've discovered that we like to write! Just as our Superkids friends do, we write about things that are important to us.

In our writing, we use our word wall to help us spell words we don't entirely remember. As we learn our sight words, we also are learning to sound out words using our alphabet chart. To review, the letters we have learned: Aa, Cc, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii, Ll, Oo, Ss, Tt and Uu. The sight words we have learned: and, can, I, is, like, my, see, the.

Other than basic sight words and letters, the kids have learned to spell words that they see everyday and that are important to them. They read and spell their friends' names. Also, if they have pets at home, they have learned to spell cat or dog. In addition, they have learned to spell MY dog's name: Wells!

My brother is 8 years old. I like my brother. 
Miss Leonard, I love you. 

Using our word wall...
Jocelyn spells "my."
Victor uses the word wall and letters we have learned.

My dog is my baby. 
I like the spring. 
"I like my dad. I am his princess."  
I like Wells. 
I like my brother. 
My birthday is in November. 
My dad went outside.
He mowed the lawn. 

A great way to help your Kindergartener to write is by giving them these writing prompts. Help them review the words. You can also guide them to sound out their thoughts. Always encourage them to write the letters they hear...even if it isn't always what it should be. I encourage my kids to write letters to build their confidence. When they are confidant in their abilities, then (and only then) will I correct their writing!!

The kids LOVE to write about him. All the Kiddos need to do is look at the picture to figure out what Wells is doing!

Let me know what your Kiddos think at home! I'd love to hear funny things that he's up to!

Tomorrow is our 100th day of school! I will update with pics from Catholic Schools Week AND 100th day this week!

Hoppy 99th day of school!

Miss Leonard

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