Monday, February 18, 2013

Hoppy Valentine's Day!

Hi Friends!

We have had such a busy two weeks! We celebrated Chinese New Year (year of the snake), celebrated Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday and Valentines day!

To start, we made adorable lanterns for Chinese New Year. We also practiced writing the Chinese symbols that mean "Happy New Year." I hope this is correct! The kids tried their best as we made each character line by line. We talked about the differences between Chinese characters and English letters.

Next, we got to celebrate Mardi Gras! The kids loved making their masks! They were so diligent with their glitter and feathers! After our celebration, we discussed the importance of the next day...Ash Wednesday. I have some brave KDG'ers who are willing to give things up for Lent! Two of my kids are giving up their Xboxes/Game Cubes!

Thank you to Miss Kilian for sharing her King's cake with us! What a delicious treat!

My class isn't normally this small! I had 5 kids absent for our celebration!

Moving on to Valentine's Day! We made love bugs and wrote about silly things that our love bugs love to do!

My love bug likes to eat carrots.

My love bug likes to give toys to people. 

My love bug likes to drive to school.

My love bug likes to cook lemonade and marry a person. 

Valentine's Pups...all made to look like my pup Wells! 

What is your favorite part of Valentine's Day?

Our classroom is so festive right now!

Chinese New Year lanterns and our Hoppy Valentine's day frogs.

Making Valentine's for our parents. 

Finally, our "Beeeeee Mine" wall. Who was your Valentine?

We had such an exciting week! We've been practicing writing our sentences and counting words within. We've been using the letters we know to form words! The kids had an amazing time at our Valentine's Day party. With all the candy they brought for ME I was able to give each KDG'er an addition 5 pieces of chocolate! We had such a fun time filled with dancing and merriment! 

Hoppy Monday!

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