Friday, February 8, 2013

Hoppy 100th Day of School!!!

Hoppy 100th day of school! We had such a blast! We have been working hard learning to count to 100 by 1s, 5s and 10s. We also love grouping things to build up to 100. 

We counted 100 fingers! Thank you to Mr. Fleming & Miss Kilian for helping us!
Also, Zero the Hero made the AWESOME glitter poster on our door. The best part? He left glitter all over the floor! 

Working on our 100th day crowns. 

Cookie party with first grade!!! Our kids are 100 days smarter! 
KDG had our pretzel rod & chips ahoy, first grade had their pretzel rod & oreos!
They are smart cookies!

Miss Kilian reads "100th Day Worries" to KDG and first grade. 

Freddy checks out his surprise cookie treat!

Yummy frosting covered pretzel!

Belen, Lilyanna and Lucy love their treats!

Victor, Brandon and Moses

Alfonso can't hide his excitement!



100 reasons why KDG, First Grade and Second Grade LOVE Maternity BVM! 

Miss Leonard & Emily.

Me and Miss Kilian in front of our doors. Can't believe my kids are half way through Kindergarten! They get Miss Kilian next year!

Miss Leonard, Emily and Krystal

Belen smiles

Working on our "Zero the Hero" counting by 10s ordering

Smile girls!

Andy is all smilies! 

Freddy checked his work...then checks on me!

Buddy reading with our 2nd grade friends!

2nd grade Zeus and KDG Andy read Piggie & Elephant

100th day glasses...
100th day shape & color reading

Andy is happy with his new glasses!

KDG is too cute!

Smile Freddy!

Krystal works on rolling her die 100 times!

Noah practices his numbers...

Smile boys!

Victor is NOT a fan.

Smile girls!

Belen loves her crown & glasses! She followed me around until I took this adorable picture!

Mr. Brandon came to visit us today! He put on Freddy's glasses...

Smartie sort!
Look at all those Smarties Bri! 

Happy 100th Day Kindergarten!

We had such a blast celebrating our 100th day! I think next year I want to add a few more fun activities! What was your favorite part?

Hoppy (no school!) Friday!

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