Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Alphabet practice!

Hi Friends!

I am sending fun flashcards to you! Click on the following link to find uppercase and lowercase flashcards (with pictures) for your children to use!

Ideas to accompany the flashcards:
*Cut out each card. To make games, print multiple copies*

1. Use Wikki Stix or Qtips to make the letters.
-For letters that curve, use string or Wikki Stix.

2. Help your child identify the pictures and write the words on the back of each card.

3. Print two sets of the cards: play memory. To play memory, lay out both sets of cards. Have your child flip over two cards. Have them identify the letters and/or the pictures. If they find a match, the keep it and go again! If not, they recover the cards.

4. Using sentence starters such as "I see the ________" or "I like the _______" have your child write sentences that use the words above and the picture words. For an extra challenge, have your child sound out the words. It is OK if their spellings are not perfect. Encourage them to TRY their best!

5. Play BINGO! Print two sets of cards. Your child will use one set of cards, you will use the second set. Choose 10 letters that you wish to focus on. Give these 10 letter cards to your child. Using your set of cards, call out letters. If your child has that letter, they may turn the card face down. Continue until all cards are face down. At the end, your child shouts out "BINGO!!" Reward your child with something that is of interest to him/her.

6. Make the letters using playdoh, salt, flour or shaving cream. To keep things clean, put the salt or flour into a large sealable container. Inside the container, the students will trace their letters. Shaving cream can be spread onto a table (or a plastic place mat/baking tray). Your child will trace their letters. The shaving cream will dissolve when it has been used completely.

7. Using both alphabet cards and sight word cards, have the students find matching letters. Using our weekly sight words (is, the, like, see) help your children find their letters in the sight words.

8. Using favorite stories, have your child find words they know (sight words AND alphabet picture words). In addition, have them find the letters they know. Once they have found letters they know, have them give you a word to accompany the letter.

9. Create silly sentences using words and letters! In example, B is for a bouncing boy, C is for a crazy cat, D is for a dancing dog...and so on.

10. Find the letters in newspapers, grocery store ads, and magazines. Have your child make a collage for each letter...or for the letters they have learned. In addition, using letters they know, help them create words and sentences.

I hope you and your child will enjoy using some (or all) of these fun activities! We do some of them in school. Your child will love "teaching" you how to play!

Hoppy Wednesday!

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