Monday, December 17, 2012

Poetry Journals!

I LOVE poetry journals! These help with literacy on so many different levels.

We are learning to:
-read left-right
-identify capital letters at the beginning of sentences
-distinguish between capital/lowercase letters
-use punctuation to read fluently
-identify and use sight words correctly
-create new lines in poems
-create brand new class poems!

The KDG'ers LOVE to "play teacher" and read with a special pointer. Each student takes a turn to use the pointer and instruct their small group members. We have created movements for the various parts in each poem we use. These help the students remember to keep a decent pace while we read. Further, it helps friends who are not yet able to track the words as we recite the poem.

We learn 1/2 new poems a week. One poem is thematic and incorporates movement. We recite the poem everyday. Each day we learn a new aspect of the poem-whether finding sight words/rhyming words/etc.

Here is how the weekly routine works:

Monday: introduce the poem and movements.
(I think I found this poem from Shannon over at Kindergarten Hoppenings)

Tuesday: practice reading the poem in small groups, using movements. Each student will have the chance to be the "teacher" using a pointer to read. We also glue the poem into our journals today.

 Wednesday: look for letters/sight words and color them according to a code.

Thursday/Friday: write/draw our favorite part of the poem. Add illustrations to the poem if there are none. We also will create a new poem for the following week. This will usually consist of the weekly sight word & common words/pictures. (THE cookie, THE lollypop, etc).

(Here my friend drew her favorite part of the poem..."pumpkins on the ground").

In addition to our weekly theme poem, we also use "Heidi's Songs." These are phenomenal! The kids LOVE these songs and walk around singing them ALL.DAY.LONG. I am pleased that the kids love them. I have used the Velcro Book Manipulative  (purchased separately from her cd's) as our poems. I do not use the entire 3 pages. The kids glue the letters onto the song page. From here, we track and sing the songs daily.  I do not always do much beyond singing these daily. Depending on whether or not the kids need extra practice using the words in context, we will create our own shared writing class poem (I see _____; I see the______, etc.).

I plan to start sending this home in January to be signed weekly. This is a fabulous way to share with your child everything that we've been learning in KDG!

Hoppy Monday!

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