Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas!

We have had so much fun the last 3 weeks of school!

We read and compared & contrasted Gingerbread Man stories.
We read letters (and found our popcorn words) from our friendly Gingerbread Man! We were so lucky to have had our Gingerbread Man come visit us everyday! He brought us cookies to eat and graph, erasers and pencils! He helped us learn to fix our mistakes with our new small erasers!



We've been learning about the Holy Family and how important Jesus' birth is to us.

We had a blast at the Christmas concert (Thank you, Miss Suriano).



We had friends come to visit and sing for us (Prek and 1st grade).

The kiddos all ready to go outside in the cold Chicago winter weather:

We painted and used glitter to make our families' their snowflake christmas gifts:

We've been practicing our reading skills with our fun sentence cut-up books. The kiddos feel so special reading to our prek and 1st grade friends!!!

I LOVE seeing friends track the print and recognize each sight word! 

FInally, to celebrate our hard work this semester, we had a Pajama Party with first grade! We made hot chocolate, celebrated Xmas birthdays and watched the Polar Express.

My kiddos in their PJs:

Bri and Samaya the two birthday girls:

KDG and 1st grade friends enjoying their hot chocolate and Polar Express!

The kiddos have made such progress so far this year! In order to continue this you can help at home:

We've been learning new sight words and finding them in our everyday reading.
-Please help your child find the following words: the, like, is, see (I, A, a)
-Please help your child find the following letters and practice their sounds: (C, c, O, o, G, g, D, d, A, a, L, l, S, s, T, t, F, f, I, i)

Thank you families for allowing me the privilege of teaching your little ones!!

Merry Christmas & HOPPY New Year!!

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