Sunday, October 21, 2012

Kindergarten goes to the farm!

We had such an amazing time at the Farm! We explored and learned about new animals and got to pet them. At the end of the day we got to take home a pumpkin! We had such a great day! 

Vanessa & Ximena are so excited!

Andy and Karina wonder what we'll see.

Victor and Miss Ana

Hi Noah!

Valentina & Moses

Adam and Freddy

Kindergarten, 2012-2013

Such happy faces!

Perfect day for a farm visit!

We see the ducks

We pet the ducks...

Vanessa pets the duck

Vanessa & Valentina pet the ducks

Freddy pets the duckling

We use our gentle hands to pet the duckling

Duckling's "fur" is called down

Noah pets the duckling very gently.

Up close & personal!

We get to pet the rabbit

Karina makes a new friend

We are very gentle with the rabbit

Petting the pig

Say "cheese" Kindergarten!

Andy & Miss Leonard

Vanessa, Miss Leonard and Ximena

Enjoying our hayride!

Miss Leonard & Miss Kilian

 Barely able to stay awake!

All tuckered out

 What a day!

We've been learning about animals on the farm and how we are all God's creatures. The students were so good when learning about pets v. farm animals...and how we can care for all types of animals. Our pets we can help feed & clean. Farm animals we can care for by feeding only the appropriate food...and if we have permission! FInally, we learned the process to bring apples (and pumpkins) from farm to table!

Hoppy Sunday!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Johnny Appleseed Day!

Hi Friends!

Last month, we had a blast learning about seasons, trees and APPLES! We learned about American folk hero Johnny Appleseed (John Chapman). We learned how apples grow, how seasons affect trees and how to graph. We made adorable Johnny Appleseed pots to adorn our heads.

Kindergarteners are "Good to the Core!"
We learned how all parts of the apple are crucial to the apple growth. Seeds help us grow more apples. We practiced developing our motor skills in making our cute art projects. 

Kindergartners are Good to the Core!!

Kindergarten 2012-2013

We taste tested 2 different types of applesauce: cinnamon and regular. Which did we like best?

Victor was not a fan!


Not a favorite!


Didn't like either cinnamon OR regular!


Not a fan of cinnamon!

Much better with the cinnamon!

Who likes what? Regular, cinnamon or neither?

So exciting as we learn to graph! We discussed which columns had the most and the least. We finished by counting how many kindergarteners (Miss Leonard included) we have in school. Afterwards, we taste tested cheerios...plain and apple cinnamon!

I like the cheerios!

Good to the last bite!

All gone!

Let's see what KDG liked the best...

Only 1 KDG'er liked "plain" better!

Graphing at its best! Krystal loved the plain!

We spent a fantastic day celebrating apples with special centers, taste testing, graphing and art projects.

Such a great group of KDG'ers this year. We have been learning so much! Every day is a brand new adventure!