Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Long awaited...graduation pictures!

I think I have finally detoxed after the craziness...that was graduation.

This might be long:

To start...I am posting a TON of pictures. These were just some of my KDG'ers that I saw the morning of. Most of the pictures are on their own families cameras *I hope they email me!!*

My kids were amazing. On the day of the ceremony, they all played their A game. Despite some technological snafus, my KDG'ers didn't miss a beat. They were loud (when singing), they were funny (when receiving diplomas) and they danced their hearts out to "Dynamite."

The little ones were perfectly loud (despite the wireless microphone NOT working). One of my little guys did not freak out when the mic went out. He waited patiently for our principal to fix the problem and picked up where he left off reading. PERFECT!!

The KDG'ers sang "Every Move I Make." Since I teach at a Catholic school, I made sure to incorporate a song about Jesus. My kids rocked the song. Tired of the dance, yes...but energetic beyond belief the day of.

The KINDERGARTEN poem was adorable...

Of course, during diplomas, some of my little ones were on fire. One boy grabbed it out of my hand,  said "I'm done" and walked back to his spot. The whole room (150+ people) was precious. We had practiced smiling for the photographer (my mom and another one of my very gracious KDG parents). Some of my KDG'ers had an entourage that required full red carpet style photos...while other students were receiving their diplomas. RUDE To each their own.

Finally, our last song was "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz. I must admit that one of my KDG'ers older brothers sang Dynamite *by himself* in our school talent show. And won first place. WOW. Needless to say, the whole room erupted when the kids sang and danced.

We ended with a procession (read: mad dash off the stage) to the back where we had 2 cakes, 3 cookie cakes, sandwiches, fruit trays, presents, etc. WHAT A DAY. That's why it has taken me 2 weeks to post the pictures.

Thank you to MY mommy for buying us 2 beautiful cakes. Yummy!

After the procession off stage, it took my principal about 10 or so minutes to get everyone's attention which point, he graciously thanked me (aw, yay) but most importantly, my volunteer: Miss Maribel. I'm so grateful to have had her this year...EVERY SINGLE DAY. Talk about an amazing person!

At the end, I see my wonderful little ones. They are sweet beyond belief and so ready for first grade. I cried during our last practice (the Weds before the Friday graduation) but did not cry during the dress rehearsal or big ceremony. Good thing first grade is right next door...because I'm not quite ready to say goodbye :)

Our last picture: Miss Leonard's Smart Cookies

Hoppy unable to sleep late night posting!

Maureen :)

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  1. I love Kinder graduation. The pictures are adorable. Just found your blog and so glad I did. I just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Stop by my blog to pick it up.