Monday, May 28, 2012


The time is (almost) upon us! GRADUATION!!

I have been so consumed with planning/helping my KDG'ers practice for graduation that I haven't been taking pictures nearly as much.

So far, I am confidant in the plan...although I do want to make a few tweaks for next year.

So far, the order is as follows:

Introduction/Hail Mary
Pledge of Allegiance
"Every move I Make"
Thank You section
Slideshow (with baby pictures! Thank you to Ms. Kilian for the fabulous idea)
Finale: Dynamite

I can tell my KDG'ers are 1. getting nervous and 2. sick of "practicing." We've had classes come to cheer us on (and help us get over our nerves). Our official dress rehearsal is with the PreK on May 31...and the graduation itself is on June 1. There are so many things to be done before seems that it can't all be done.

Hence a late night bloggy post :)

A few pics to help keep my sanity and see how cute the lil ones are:


Dancing to "Every Move I Make"

It's so hard to believe that my little ones are leaving in 3 days! To get excited for next year (1st grade is next door), we made these adorable little monkeys:

I am on the left, Ms. Kilian is on the right. 

Hoppy Memorial Day Tuesday :) 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lincoln Park Zoo!

Hi all!

I am happy to share that our field trip to Lincoln Park Zoo was a huge success! My KDG'ers were troopers as we made it from one end of the zoo to the other. Our favorite animals were by far the giraffe, zebra and cheetah (Ok...the cheetah was my favorite).

I was genuinely impressed with how much my students learned during our animal unit the past two weeks. They were mesmerized by the small mammal/reptile house. I was so proud as they used what they had learned to figure out which animals were mammals and which were reptiles.

Earlier in our unit, we had practiced some of our newer popcorn words and sentence writing:

Thanks to this fantastic Zoo Animals Unit, we explored many different animals. We were able to compare/contrast, write what we liked, and enjoyed yummy treats! Here we are making our Alligator treats...

Again, thanks to the above amazing unit, we made many new crafty animals! We compared zebras & giraffes...and my kids decided these adorable giraffes were our "graduation giraffes!" So super cute...

I will post the remaining thinking charts in the next few days. My kids learned so much about animals...we had so much fun! 

Hoppy Sunday!