Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February delights!

We had such an eventful month! We celebrated Catholic School's Week, 100th Day, Groundhogs day Valentine's Day and finally, Mardi Gras!!

Our 100th Day celebration was fantastic! Check out our many 100th day themed centers.
-100th day sentence ordering & reading
-Candy sorts
-100 out of tangrams
-100th day crowns and glasses
-What would I do with $100 writing

Groundhogs day was the same day as our 100th day. However, up to the 2nd, we had been learning about weather. The children were so excited to predict spring or more winter!

Last week, we had our massive Valentine's day party. My kindergarteners spoiled us rotten! Tons of candy to share. We wrote about our favorite part of valentines day...saved wrappers from our favorite candy (yet to be put into the classbook....).

Finally, yesterday, we celebrated Mardi Gras! I have no idea how much glitter we used...but it will be in the school carpeting for a long time to come.

More to come soon...with updated centers!

Hoppy Wednesday!

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